Hot100 and ​5X  Awards Tally 

  • Top 10 Young Internet Millionaires
    • $60 million at age 28, then sold for $1.3 BILLION
  • Inc Magazine – Inc 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private-Owned Businesses
  • Entrepreneur Magazine - Hot 100 Fastest Growing New Businesses
  • Business Journal
    • 100 Fastest Growing Private-Owned in the State
    • 50 Fastest Growing Minority Businesses
    • 25 Largest Minority Businesses
  • Ernst and Young - Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Finalist
  • 100 Best Places to Work
  • US Small Business Administration
    • Small Business of the Year - State and Regional
    • Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year
    • Entrepreneurial Success Award 
  • Many more would receive these and other awards, if they had chosen to apply.


A few of many examples: (The growth and sustainability of these businesses is not a guarantee your business will achieve similar results, but it's a good start.)

Business Services Startup

  • $0 to $800,000 first year,
  • to $10 million/year in 5 years (1,250%)
  • To $36 million in 10 years (4,500%)
  • Inc Magazine "Inc 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private-Owned Companies (8 of the last 9 years!)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine "Hot 100" Fastest Growing New Businesses in the US

Business Services

  • $9.6 million to $41 million in 3 years (+400%)
  • Inc Magazine "Inc 500/5000" Fastest Growing Private-Owned Company

Women-Owned Personal Services

  • $400,000 to $1.4 million per year in 9 months (350%)
  • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year regional finalist
  • Mayors' Small Business Award

Wholesaler Business

  • From $120,000 to $12 million per year in 4 years (10,000%)
  • Inc Magazine "Inc 500/5000"
  • Business Journal "Hot 100," in top 10

Entertainment Software

  • From $40,000 investment to $50 million/year in 6 years (125,000%)
  • to $250 million/year in 10 years (600,000%)
  • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year regional finalist
  • SBA Regional Entrepreneurial Success Award
  • Acquired for $1.3 billion!

Trade Construction Company

  • From $3 million to $10 million in 1 year (333%)
  • SBA District Small Business of the Year

Social Mission Business Service

  • From $400,000 to $1 million in one year (250%)
  • SBA Region - Minority Small Business of the Year
  • Business Journal "Hot 100"


  • From $800,000 to $1.6 million in 12 months (+100%)

Custom Business Software

  • From $1 million to $9 million/year in 4 years.  (+900%)
  • Inc 500/5000 and Business Journal Hot100
  • 100 Best Places to Work and many other awards

And many, many, other success stories, to help accelerate your success. ​ 


5X Entrepreneur Series

A unique six-week training and consulting program to help local area businesses accelerate profitable and sustainable growth of $300,000 to $25 million+ each.  Includes 15 hours of training, and three hours individual acceleration consulting. The goal is to help higher-potential business leaders, increase revenues 5X, typically over two-to-three years, and profits 20X, or more.  

Last Series Results 

  • 21 local businesses -16 existing and 5 startup 
  • Total current revenues-$8 million, staff-157
  • Accelerated revenue goals; ​$65 million, or an average of $3.1 million each; staff - 463, or 22 each.

To be notified of the next 5X Entrepreneur Series, email

5X Series details and curriculum 

5X Entrepreneur Acceleration

A monthly,  follow-on training for 5X Entrepreneurs.  We work together to accelerate implementation of Best Practices to 5X our business, and 20X profits, ASAP.  ​ Training is for current members of the Kenmore Business Incubator.  Membership in the KBI starts at $75 a month.

KBI members only: 5X consulting appointments

5X Acceleration Schedule

Wednesdays 5:30-8:00pm. 2017: April 19, May 17, June 14, July -Off, August 23- BBQ location TBA, September 20, October 11, November 8, December 13. 2018: January 17, February 21, March 14. 

Location: City Hall, City of Kenmore

For more information email Hot100Business

5X Elite Weekly Breakfast

A weekly follow-on training for invited 5X Entrepreneurs.  We work together to accelerate implementation of Best Practices to 5X our business, and 20X profits, ASAP.  This is a serious commitment of time and energy to accelerate results.   ​​The goal is to 5X revenues and 20X profits, no later than 2-to-5 years.

5X Elite Schedule: Fridays, 8:00am- 9:30am, in Bothell. Location varies, so RSVP is required.

For more information email Hot100Business

5X  Entrepreneur Consulting

Is your business growing the way you want?

Do you have revenue goals of $2 million-to-$50 million? Are you paying yourself $300,000 or more? Are you taking 3-to-8 weeks vacation? Are you getting help from sources proven to get you there faster?  Or, are there a lot of experts and consultants constantly telling you, you just need to ________ more?

What is 5X Consulting?

The 5X Entrepreneur system, from Hot100Business, is a PROVEN comprehensive system for accelerating higher-potential businesses.  Our 5X clients average 406% growth over three years.  That's an average of $2.5 million revenue and a personal income that's in the top 1-to-10% of the US. Compare that to most businesses, which takes 20 years, IF EVER, to get similar results.  What's the value of getting there 5X faster?  Usually about $4 million plus, in extra profit!  

5X businesses range from high potential startups, to one client that went from zero to $250 million, in just 10 years. That company sold for $1.3 billion!

What's the 5X process?

  • First, we start with what your business would look like at 5X your current revenues? Or, if you're a startup or early-stage business, what would it look like at a minimum of $2 million/year?  What markets, staff, technology, financing, etc, would be needed to get there ASAP?
  • Second, we help you see what it would takes to do it right in just 2-to-3 years, or maybe 5 years, instead of 10-to-20 years.  Also, without killing you or somebody else in the process.  
  • Third, we use a unique tool to assess your business against 300 best practices, that are proven to help accelerate growth and profitability.  What would have to be radically changed, improved, dumped, or accelerated.
  • Fourth, we work with your to  accelerate implementation of what needs to be done, and how to get it done FAST, without having to slow down your business to get it done right.  Knowing what to do is most important, but knowing how to do it right is critical to accelerated success.   
  • Last, we are committed to getting owners and key staff an additional $3 million in protected assets, beyond the value of your business assets.

​Ok, so what does it cost?

We all need to be picky about who we work with, right? So we like to make it easy for all of us.

  • 10-30 minute introduction is free.  See if we can help, or we can give you a helpful referral.  
  • 1st appointment - 2-to-3 hours- 5X Grow Faster Now Workshop. -  $495.
  • If we agree to work on 5X-ing your business then we commit for three years, at $12,000 a year, with performance milestones.  No hourly fee, no surprises, and no excuses.  ​​